What is Hydroponics ?

Simply put…Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil. Plant roots receive their food in nutrient rich water instead of dirt.

How much food can I grow with an Inland?

The average serving size for lettuce is 1-2 cups. Each lettuce variety we offer produces 2-3 cups per plant and 15 plants per tower. Which offers up to 45 cups of lettuce per tower. We offer 2,4, and 8 tower systems.

How Often Do I Water?

Depending on the size Inland you purchase, adding water (approximately 1 gallon) every 5-7 days will be required. And yes, tap water is preferred.

How Often Do I Add Fertilizer?

Once every 2 weeks. System will be filled with water and nutrients during install. We provide (1) additional bottle of nutrients to cover 1st full month.

Will plants grow back when you harvest them?

YES. Once leaf harvests are made, it puts the energy back into the roots to grow stronger and develop more leaves and foliage! It typically takes 2-3wks for plant leaves to grow back once harvested. Each plants will yield 2 harvests before it's time to replace.

How do I harvest leaves?

There are two types of leaf harvest: 1) Single leaf stems and 2) Leaf clusters. For single leaf stems like spring mix and most lettuce greens, cut leaf and stem to the base of the plant. For leaf clusters like most herbs, cut 1/2" inch below the leaf cluster on the stem. NOTE - Always use clean, sharp, and sterile scissors or plant shears to harvest clippings.

What If I Forget To Water or Add Nutrients?

No worries - we all live active and busy lives. You will receive weekly text messages with check-ins and reminders. We want to stay connected to ensure success and satisfaction!

What type seeds do you use?

All seeds used by Produce'd are NON-GMO organic from fully vetted seed farms across the United States only.

Are pesticides used?

NO. We grow in an indoor controlled environment and use no type of pesticide or any harmful chemicals on or around plants.

How Long Do I Wait Before Receiving My Inland?

Orders must be placed by the 12th of every month to receive within the same calendar month. Deliveries of orders for the current month are made during the last week of the same month. Orders placed after the 12th, will be scheduled for during the following month.

Do I Need To Place My Inland Near A Window? Or Any Specific Temperature Requirement?

No. Each system is self contained and provides it's own light source. These systems are for indoor use ONLY. Therefore the optimal temperature is between 65 - 80F degrees.

Any maintenance involved with an Inland?

Very little. Leaves will sometimes fall into the reservoir and would require removal. It's also recommended to clean reservoir every three months for maintaining a clean growing environment. See our full service option.